Good & Bad Days: Studying for REG Retake

27 Sep 2016


By Key522

Keona2Keona is a NINJA CPA blogger.

When I first started the CPA exam I reached out to a former classmate who passed the exam. She told me I will have good days and bad days. She also told me it is likely I will have to retake some parts.

Oh was she right!

Now facing my third take at REG, I’m going through good and bad days studying. Some days I want to just climb in bed after studying and then some days I tell myself it is not too bad.

Anyone who has retaken the exam knows the dreading feeling of reading material you have already read.

This is my last take before my first exam expires and that it what is keeping me motivated to pass.

Maybe this holiday season I will be free of the CPA exam.

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