The Hardest Part of the CPA Exam

27 Jul 2015


Christina FChristina is a NINJA CPA blogger.

Nobody said CPA review would be easy. Sometime I can’t imagine how this could be so hard.

Scrolling through the forum, I see a lot of people that are looking for motivation or losing their motivation to study lately. I’m totally there right now.

Every time I get really going on studying, something happens in life that has to have my attention and my studying streak goes out the window.

Alternative study places are one major suggestion I have to distractions, but on the weekends when my husband and dad both work, I have no choice but to be home with the kids and no studying gets done.

Now that my husband has decided we’re going home to Arizona for vacation, completely messing up the timelines I had set up by the way, I’m moving up my testing date and need to kick in high gear to get through the material and MCQs. I’m not giving myself an option to fail, I want to get past these exams, as we all do.

When I want more motivation, I tend to look up motivational quotes. One of my favorites is “With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts” by Eleanor Roosevelt.

When I don’t get as much studying done one day, I realize that the next day is a whole new day to get studying done and I don’t need to let the lack of studying the previous day define today.

I know I want this, that’s not the issue; it’s getting everyone else to understand the time I need that’s the hard part.

If you are trying to find the motivation to continue studying, remember why you started doing this in the first place. I look at my kids and remember I’m doing this for them; even if they won’t leave me alone.

At least I can work lots of NINJA MCQs while watching them play or while they nap. Finding any time during the day to study can add up and help you pass.

I plan to find it any way I can, and continue to try to stay off of social media and not doing anything extra because this is important, and the faster I get through these exams, the faster life can go back to whatever normal is.

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