How to Study for the CPA Exam without Energy Drinks

10 Oct 2011

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It's 8pm and the kids are finally in bed and it's time for some more CPA Exam studying.

You have a choice to make.

Option 1: Throw down an energy drink or pound a latte and pay for it later when it's midnight and time to shut down, but your body thinks it's noon due to that chemical cocktail you were slurping down only a few short hours ago.

Option 2: Well, is there an option? Chris from says yes and he wrote an article about the issue after I explained to him the study quandary people face when they are tired and need to get some solid hours of studying in.

Chris is a friend of mine and is Muay Thai instructor in California. He has trained several prominent MMA fighters and is passionate about health and wellness.

I hope you find the article helpful if you're looking for some alternatives to staying awake during those late night study sessions.


how to study for the cpa exam without energy drinks 2

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Casey 13 years ago

Great article! Thanks for posting

how to study 13 years ago

how to studyBefore we dive into that question, let’s face some facts. Learning should not be painful and also does not have to be boring, although it’s usually both. However, it’s unnecessary going to be joyful, interesting, either. From time to time we often have to work our ass off to figure out something or get a job done.