Just One Point: My 74 on REG

19 Sep 2016


By Key522

Keona2Keona is a NINJA CPA blogger.

I was just one point away from completing the CPA Exam.

I received the dreaded 74 for my REG retake.

I have two more months before my first exam expires. Stress is not the word. I’m too close to turn back now. I’m shutting the outside world off and focusing on passing REG.

Unfortunately, the average person does not know the amount of time you have to put into these test and fortunately enough for me work is my haven.

No one really knows I’m studying for the CPA so this is the only place I don’t have people asking me questions about the exam constantly.

Honestly, I was already making a retake plan in my head before the score release because the simulations destroyed me this retake.

Here’s to gaining a point!

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ragepsn29 8 years ago

Hi Keona, Sorry for your score. You can do it next time! I am on the same boat like you and only have REG left. BEC credit will expire in the next testing window so I have one more shot to pass REG and this exam. What materials did you use to get 74? What changes will you do for your retake? Good luck! We can do this!

TheblackCPAseeker 8 years ago

I'm sorry for you Keona, I have been following your story and I was sure the next post was going to be a pass. I'm in the same boat as you as I have 3 sections passed but my struggle has been AUD. I'm sure you will pass it, you are so close.