My Last Post: I PASSED the CPA Exam!

28 Nov 2016


By Key522

Keona2Keona is a NINJA CPA blogger.

I have officially passed the CPA exam!

I received my REG score early in the morning and just like every other score release my heart was pounding as entered my information to retrieve my score.

I passed just in time for the holidays, here's to spending my holidays stress free!

I'll admit that the previous 74 was a dagger and it took me to dig deep in my faith to keep on going. With three parts passed I knew I couldn’t give up.

This process was full of picking myself up and keeping on pushing. One lesson I learned is you can not cheat the CPA exam. Your score will reflect the time and effort you put in the exam. There is no substitution for hard work.

This journey is different for different people. FAR is known as the hardest part of the exam but I was able to pass on my first try while the other parts took me multiple times to pass.

The CPA Exam Forum was a great place to talk to others on the same journey. However, do not get discourage when you read about people passing on their first try or finishing in 6 months, this journey is not the same for each candidate.

I want to thank the staff at for allowing me to share my story. I will be able to read my blog posts in the future to remember my journey. This site has been my favorite for the past two years.

I've had coworkers even ask me what I was reading, but I never disclosed I was studying for the CPA exam. I’m sure I will still visit the site. I will definitely recommend this site and NINJA products to others. I’m grateful I found this site and gave NINJA a chance.

I have been dreaming of this day. My journey started in December 2014, so many things have happened  – good and bad – since then. I’m proud of myself for working full time while completing the exam even with dealing with everyday stress.

Hours spent in Starbucks studying will be replaced with time in the gym, time with family and friends and maybe a few happy hours. So much of my life was on hold because this of exam, I’m excited to have this test behind me.

There are so many people to thank for this journey! I will be sending my family and close friend personal thank you cards for dealing with my moodiness and the lack of time spent with them.

I’m sad this is my last post but I hope my story inspires people to keep pushing.

HIYA, I will always be a NINJA.

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LaToya 7 years ago

Congratulations!! An amazing experience to share.

Lakbet 7 years ago

Congratulations!!! I've been following this page for a while and love your determination and tenacity to continue pushing in spite of challenges. It gives me hope and better understanding that it takes work! Again CONGRATULATIONS!

Tanisha Bates 7 years ago

Wow, Congrats really inspiring!!

Duskfall 7 years ago


nali474 7 years ago

Congrats :) hope to be in your shoes in a month....cant wait to get back to the gym :)