CPA Exam Tips

CPA Exam Tips

cpa exam tips

The CPA Exam can be a lonely journey. I've been in your shoes.

I know how your day/week/month/year is going as you try to balance “life” and the CPA Exam.

These CPA Exam Tips should make the journey a little easier.

My CPA Exam Story

I'm Jeff Elliott. Welcome to Another71! If you've scored a 74, lost a CPA Exam credit (or fear that you might), or are just sick of it all, then My Story will resonate.

Ask Jeff

I've answered thousands and thousands (and thousands) of study tips emails and am honored to answer yours next.

Another71 Podcast

The original CPA Exam podcast.

How to Pass in 20 Days

It's not easy or ideal, but it works.

CPA Exam Retake Tips

There is a right way and a wrong way to study for a retake. Hint: Most people study the wrong way. 🙂

Working Mom's Survival Guide

One of the most popular posts on Another71 and for good reason. Working moms already have the toughest job around. Now, add CPA Exam madness.

How to Study During Tax Season

Yes, you can study 20 hours a week during tax season. 🙂

Marriage (Dating) + CPA Exam

Passing the CPA Exam will be pointless if you come home to an empty house. How to balance it all and become a CPA.

FAR Study Tips

Slay the Beast.

AUD Study Tips

Here's a secret: even auditors struggle.

REG Study Tips

No, you can't skip Business Law. 🙂

BEC Study Tips

BEC is the “easiest” CPA Exam. Or is it?

The N.I.N.J.A. Study Framework