Home from FAR Exam + Life Change on the Way

31 Jul 2012


By K1231

Kelsey is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.


I just got home from my FAR test and I hope that everyone else did better than I just did. That test was brutal.

My multiple choice were definitely getting harder, that's supposedly a good thing right? And my simulations, well I left one blank so that tells you how those went.

I am as always super unsure of how to feel about the test. I'm just glad it's over for now and will be waiting for my score. I'm going to take that time to have a short break from this madness and get things ready for my move.

As I've talked about recently I'm on the verge of a rather significant life change, I'm going to transfer offices with my firm from New Mexico to California, and while I'm excited and thankful for the opportunity, I'm still a little freaked out by it. I've lived in New Mexico my whole life and leaving here will be hard.

We haven't settled on a date as of yet, but it seems like it won't be in October as I had originally been planning on, so I'll have a bit more time to get things ready and maybe even take another exam before then. I have not yet decided which test will be next since I want to wait on my FAR score and potentially re-take it if needed.

Good luck to those testing the rest of this week and happy studies to everyone!

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Serena 12 years ago

Kelsey, Moving is such an exciting journey! I am also from NM (born & raised) and now living in CA, and I strongly believe that moving out of your comfort zone will shape you in to a very well-rounded person. Good luck! -Serena