Rethinking Regulation Study Habits

10 Apr 2012


By K1231


Hi all my fellow NINJAs!

A few weeks ago I got a bit of advice from one of my coworkers that has passed the exam. At the time I didn't really think much of it because it feels like most advice given by people that have passed is the same generic “study hard and you'll pass” kind of thing.

But this past week I've been really thinking about it and felt that it has helped ‘turn on the light bulb” for me and I figured that I would share it here so here goes: Study for the exam like you studied in college.

See it's a bit generic and at first I felt that it was so obvious and that of course that's how I was studying, I mean how else would I be studying. Like I said though, I really thought about it and realized that I hadn't been studying the same way AT ALL.

In college I would go to lectures and listen, sometimes recording the lectures but hardly taking notes, and then read the book after lecture. I would work the homework problems assigned to get comfortable with the topic and then take my tests. For the CPA exam I've foolishly been following the review course outline, mostly because I had no clue where to begin.

I in the past week have begun to change my study habits, maybe a little late for REG since I take it in a week and a half, and have actually noticed myself remembering things. One of my absolute favorite things right now: the REG NINJA Audio.

I've loaded it onto my phone and listen to it everywhere, in the car, while at work, standing in line at the store, through my iPod dock while I'm cleaning the house, literally everywhere. It makes every minute a study opportunity and I highly recommend it.

I think I've gotten through the audio about 4 times this week and really am remembering things from it. I plan on also going through ALL the lectures from my review course and then working Wiley MCQs until I feel comfortable for the test.

One of the greatest things about most CPA review courses, is that they really do cater to most types of learning, listening, reading, writing things down (for the note takers) and the question takers.

Now that I've had my study epiphany I feel like I'm finally on the right track to putting this test behind me. So I encourage everyone to think about how they studied in college and if that's not the way you're studying for the CPA exam think about changing your method, it worked and got you through school why change it?

Until next week. Happy studying and to those taking an exam GOOD LUCK!

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