Crazy to take Three Exams in One Window?

05 May 2012


By K1231

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Hey All!

Has anyone else ever felt like this test has made them crazy? That's how I've been feeling all week as I prepared for BEC for a fourth time.

I took REG on the 16th of April. Here I am taking BEC the day that scores are being released and I'm still planning on taking AUD May 30th. Three tests in one window and I'm feeling certifiable.

I took the week off from work and have been cramming Wiley MCQs. I got through about 500 this week and have been memorizing the variance formulas and weighted average cost of capital.

While I studied for about 7 hours each the two weekends I had, I knew that wasn't anywhere close to enough. The only thing I had on my side was that I had just taken BEC in February and felt that I had retained quite a bit of the material.

I took a practice exam yesterday and got an 84 so I'm feeling alright. I do have test anxiety though, always have since grade school, and I've heard from different people that typically those with test anxiety will score on average about 10 points lower than where they're at when they study. I guess we'll see.

I promised myself I wouldn't even look for my REG score before I went in for BEC but that is proving harder than I imagined. So I figured I would send an update and then get back to reviewing the formulas for BEC since I always feel I'm weak in that area.

Happy studying to those that aren't testing, good luck to those that are, and happy score release to everybody!

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Mark 12 years ago

I took 3 exams in one window (and passed them. Good luck to you. The cramming and pressure certainley helped me focus and accomplish the task on hand.

Mich 12 years ago

I did it last window and passed AUD, and failed BEC and REG (68 & 68). This window I am taking REG, BEC and FAR. Passed REG (79), waiting on my BEC score, and taking FAR at the end of the month. I think the overlap of material tested across all the exams helps, as does immediately reinforcing what you already know and brushing up on your weak spots. Good luck.

Kevin 12 years ago

I took REG, FAR and BEC in the summer 2011 window and passed all three!

JoMarie 12 years ago

I took AUD, REG, & FAR summer of 2011. I passed REG but failed AUD and FAR with a 73 and 68, respectively.