BEC Test, REG Score, & Studying for AUD

19 May 2012


By K1231

Kelsey is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hello Ninjas!

The last time I wrote in I was waiting on my REG score and was on my way to Prometric for BEC. I went into BEC comfortable with the information, it was the 4th time after all, and felt okay leaving the testing center.

I got home and began obsessively checking for my REG score. I was scheduled to go to a work sponsored baseball game that night and thought, well if the score isn't there before I leave I'll just get it tomorrow.

I checked one last time before I was ready to leave and there it was … a 65. I was heartbroken, was actually crying, and needless to say no longer felt like going to a social event.

I allowed myself the weekend to be depressed about now having to re-take REG and then on Monday I had to pick myself back up and begin my study schedule for AUD.

I have less than two weeks left before that exam, and yet I already feel that I'm too far behind in studying and am not sure that I'm going to be able to catch up especially as I have a work trip to Seattle for the first part of next week. It's seeming impossible.

I've been listening to the NINJA Audio every single second I've got, even while I'm working. I've been going through questions but have given up on my lecture videos as I just don't have the time to get through all of them and feel that my time would be better spent going over multiple choice questions and completing simulations.

After the 30th I'm thinking I need a break, nothing crazy, but maybe a week or two. I'll study FAR next and as of now that's the only section I have not yet studied/taken as it intimidates me the most and I'm not sure that my focus level will be where it needs to be after a crazy two months of testing.

Well it's back to listening to AUD audio while editing financial statements for me. Happy studying and to those testing this week GOOD LUCK!

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CPA628 12 years ago

Ugh, I'm so sorry to hear that you didn't pass REG:(( So unfair. I'm glad you gave yourself few days, and now back to it again. I passed REG on 3rd try, so I know how difficult it can be. However, to be honest, I failed because I hadn't studied harder and I often skipped chapter/topics. For the last time, I studied REG using Becker/Final Review/Wiley testbank/Ninja notes for some topics that I was confused on. I read each chapter in Becker, watched videos and worked MCQs/SIMs along. Then, I went back and read each chapter again doing its MCQs/SIMs. I did the same thing with Becker final review; read the chapter and work its MCQs/SIMs. I ended up doing MCQs about 3-4 times and SIMs about 2-3times. I did bunch of progress tests as well. Then, I did all the tax related MCQs/SIMs from Wiley...I didn't have enough time to blaw, but I felt Becker had prepared me well for that section. I was scoring above 85% in Wiley, while above 90% on Becker progress tests. I had memorized Becker MCQs yet I kept working them and made sure I was getting them for the right reason. I would make myself explain why this was correct answer and why others weren't. Another key for passing REG is really understanding/reading Ethics/legal responsibility section. Also, don't underestimate blaw. Many review courses say it's only 20% of exams, I don't know how true that is. Though usually all SIMs are tax related, majority of MCQs can be blaw related. Good Luck and I hope you pass BEC and AUD. PS: Sorry for the long post, just had to share my REG difficulties.

Trisha 12 years ago

I am sorry :( Best wishes for Audit!!!

Maria 12 years ago

Kelsey, Not sure in what time zone (EST, CST, etc) you are, but your trip to Seattle can help you with your studies. For example, if you live in the east coast you are going to have a 3 hours difference, which means that you can get up at least 2 hours before going to work and study. Additionally, you will have nothing to do in the hotel room besides study....I know you want to have some time to meet the city, but you can leave that for your last night in Seattle. Remember it is all about commitment, and to give up on those little things that make us happy ;) Good Luck with your studies!!!