Pushing Through and Moving On with FAR

27 Jun 2012


By K1231

Kelsey is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.


I hope you're all doing well and getting through your studies. I have been a bit MIA for the past couple weeks and haven't really felt like doing much.

I found out that I didn't pass AUD either so that made me 3 for 3 last window and I was thoroughly defeated and really didn't feel like picking up that huge FAR book and getting started on that one.

Now that my test is 32 days away I'm beginning to feel as though I'm in panic mode again. I've always been known to procrastinate until the last possible minute but I think I might have kicked myself while I was down.

I've never studied for FAR before, so I'm going into completely new material and I'm beginning to feel that there is just not enough time in the next 4 weeks.

I'm not giving up hope though and am going to push through and wish for the best (read: a miracle). After I sit for FAR I haven't quite decided what I'm going to do, or which section will be next. I have a couple of days off here and there over the next couple weeks and I hope to utilize them to their full study potential.

Getting back on track with studying has been a little more difficult than I had planned on but I just keep telling myself that all that matters is that I AM back on track.

Good luck to everyone in their studies!

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jenuno01 12 years ago

Hi Kelsey - sorry about the bad news. I can totally relate to being unmotivated, specially after failing a section; however, don't let this discourage you, eventually you CAN and you WILL pass. Do you have a job? I ask because 30 days seems like not enough to prepare for FAR, unless you're planning on studying all day, and even then, you might be pushing it. I would suggest scheduling your exam when you feel you are ready...yes, this might cause you to slack a bit since you won't be working against a deadline, but this way you'll ensure you are completely ready and feel confident on exam day. There is nothing worse than having to re-study for a CPA exam, so just make sure you put yourself in the best position to pass. Another thing to consider, and this is just more of a preference thing than anything, but you might want to re-take AUD right away since you just failed it. The information is still fresh in your head and I bet you came close to passing. Go at it with anger and get that passing score before you lose that knowledge and have to start all over again. So Cliff notes: You might need more than 30 days to prepare for FAR. Consider re-taking AUD instead since that information is fresh in your head. Good luck and keep us updated! :)

jtcali 12 years ago

I failed 3 tests in the July-Aug 2011 testing window and eventually passed all 3. Don't give up, just dig down deep and keep pushing through, you'll get there.

CPA628 12 years ago

So sorry to hear the bad news. I've been there, and I know what you are going through. Just keep pushing and you WILL get there. I also agree with jenuno01, take the tests that you failed rather learning new material in 30days. FAR is a beast, and I couldn't have done it in 30 days. Instead, take the exams that you just took. I would recommended reading the text couple times and working the MCQs/SIMs at least 2-3 times. That's what helps me. Good Luck!!!

Trisha 12 years ago

I would also agree to retake the more recent exams. FAR is crazy. I am giving myself 2.5 solid months to re-study, and I wonder if that is enough... I failed 3/4 first round. Super sucks, but all you can do is pick up and move on... Best wishes to you!

Sonia 12 years ago

Maybe you can help the process by getting a small treat for yourself like a new set of colored pens or something? That helped me when I felt I had to start from scratch on a retake. Good luck and you can do it, don't give up :)

David 12 years ago

You're cute. Let's study ;)

barceloj 12 years ago

Agree with David....