Getting Some FAR Momentum

01 May 2012


By marka

Mark is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

Last week was more of a rebound week for me. Not to say that I’ve been slacking, but my usual focus just hasn’t been there.

FAR intimidates me and I think I use that as a crutch or an excuse to put it off. But last week I felt like I had some momentum and was able to knock out a pretty good portion of the material.

My schedule, which seems to be working pretty well, is to get to the office roughly 2 hours early and use that time to study. I took one major topic per day and re-watched the lecture in the morning and at night I would answer all the related questions in the Wiley MCQs.

This gave me at least 3-4 hours of quality study time per day. I also usually try to skim a topic in the NINJA Notes right before bed.

Studying in the morning works really well for me. It forces me to be productive early in the day, then if for some reason I slack off at night, I don’t feel as guilty.

I’m trying to be diligent, but studying for FAR feels like I’m in a dead sprint and sometimes that wears me down. I’ve just got to see if I can keep this schedule up.

T-minus 4 weeks until exam day….Good luck with your studies this week!

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