CPA Exam Study Picks Up After a Slow Week

09 Apr 2012



Hi Everyone!!

Well, this past week was hard. I started out great, I got my full 6 hours of studying in on Monday and Tuesday…then things fell apart.

I didn’t even open my book or notes Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Work was stressful and it was so hard to study once I got home tired.

I did great on Saturday! I had 6 hours of studying in by 2:00 and was able to enjoy the rest of my day with my husband and sister.

I have decided that needs to be my plan every Saturday, wake up early and get my studying done EARLY. That way I do not feel like studying is consuming my life and I can enjoy one day per week at least.

Sunday was another rough day, after church I went to breakfast with my in-laws, ran errands and helped my sister make her graduation invitations. I only got in 2 hours that day.

All in all, I got in 13 hours of studying last week…yes I am aware, not nearly enough. I have vowed, no more weeks like that!!!

At this point in my studying I am going through the Wiley CRAM course, good thing last week was material that I feel relatively confident with (all the early lectures).

I am off to a good start this week. I have found that it helps me to set small weekly goals and reward myself when I achieve them. Six weeks until test day and so much to learn still.

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