PASS: This NINJA Finally Conquered BEC!

Rebecca is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

What can I say; blogging hasn’t been my thing lately. It isn’t because I don’t want to or that I don’t like it. It is because I honestly dreaded this past score release.

I was embarrassed to have everyone on here rooting for me to have to report back that I failed BEC for the sixth time. Well guess what my fellow NINJAS?! This NINJA finally conquered BEC!!

I am now half way done the CPA exam. I have to say passing BEC felt extra special to me. I have always been so close to passing it I could taste it.

All my prior scores have been in the 70s but for the life of me I could not get a 75. Well this time I did it. I got past the 75 mark! Some of you may ask what I did differently this time to jump over the hurdle and I have to be honest I am not entirely sure.

For one, I had switched review course on stab number five. At that point though I kept going back to the methods that I had learned for the prior review course because it was what I was used to. This last time though I told myself to forget all about the prior review course and to pretend that I was taking this for the first time. I believe that helped me the most.

Second, Jeff’s NINJA Audio was my best friend. I got the audio three days before my test and just played it on repeat non-stop. I played it so much I think my husband could have recited it to me.

Overall, I think the lady at the prometric center was my biggest driving force at passing. When I signed myself in she ran over and said, “You’re back! It is so nice to see you again. This has to be your last one!”

My skin crawled as I had to tell her nope, I have three to pass and hopefully today will knock it down to two. I can promise you I am on a mission now because as nice as it is to have people remember you it is a tad bit embarrassing at the same time!

For those of you who did not pass keep going. Believe me I know how you feel and it is miserable. For the most part your family and friends don’t understand. You will get the “but you’re so smart you will get it next time” or the “how did you fail, you study ALL the time?”

Sometimes don’t you just want to karate chop that person?! Well don’t. Use it as your motivation to pass this beast! It doesn’t matter how many times you take the exams just as long as you pass them all at one point!

Until next time,