Social Media and the CPA Exam

10 Jun 2015


Christina FChristy is a NINJA CPA blogger

There can be way too many distractions when you want to study. Social media, Netflix, family, nice weather – the list can go on.

I’ve had to seriously give up social media and Netflix so that I can focus on studying.

I got out of the habit of studying while I waited for my results because I knew I wasn’t going to test again until beginning of July with all that I had going on.

Even though I failed, I know having a set study plan had helped me the last time.  The problem was that I underestimated the amount of time I needed to study, so this time around I am allowing for much more study time. I still have a set study plan written out so that I can get good study time in.

I’m removing social media from my phone so that I don’t feel tempted to log on and waste my study time. I did that last week and I spent much less time distracted and more time studying and making a plan.

I’ve spent the last week fine-tuning my study plans; lectures with notes, reading, and working NINJA MCQs until I can’t see straight.

Now I just have to force everyone at home to get on board so that I’m not constantly being bugged to go do something other than studying.

I have pre-planned time in my study schedule to hang out with the family and do fun stuff over the summer, and after I take a 2nd test, I have taken a week off to do something with my kids for the week before school starts again for my oldest.

As confident as I was the last time, I think I’m more organized this time around, at least I hope so. My latest mantra is “when you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” I don’t plan on failing this time around.

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