Not Giving Up After Disappointing AUD Score

07 Apr 2017


Kimberly is a NINJA CPA blogger.

I took about 10 days to sulk over my failing AUD score. I had convinced myself that I would officially and unapologetically quit the exam altogether.

I was so over what I had perceived as rejection by the CPA exam gods. I was so close, yet so far away at the exact same time. Then, by the 11th day, I had a change of heart and a new perspective.

According to my Score Notification, I performed “Stronger” on my multiple choice questions and “Weaker” on my simulations, just as I had expected. I knew those questions inside out and was really confident about the material.

I took my time and answered each question while being careful to look out for key words that indicated an exception to a rule. It definitely showed in my performance too.

Conversely, the simulations are always tough for me and this time was no different. Some of them just really caught me off guard.

The AICPA’s website provides more in depth information about the scoring process, and it basically states that it is IMPOSSIBLE to pass AUD, REG, and FAR without performing well on the simulations. My best defense was to use the authoritative literature, and I gave it my best effort or so I thought. Clearly, I was not enough.

The 2017 format changes will include even more simulations. While I must admit that it has me a bit concerned, I am determined and too stubborn to quit. This setback has not taken away my fight.

Although I am annoyed by previous score, the only way I can walk away from this exam is with those three letters behind my name.

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LCros 7 years ago

I'm glad to read that you are not giving up. You can do it!!!!