Keep Calm: Overcoming REG Exam Nerves

26 Apr 2016


Christina FChristina is a NINJA CPA blogger.

As I sit to write this blog post, I realize that I have less than 2 weeks left until I face REG.

My trending score in MCQs are not exactly where I want them to be; but I’m confident with lots of practice and studying I will get to where I want to be.

I actually considered briefly pushing my REG exam back, but I know that’s just nerves. I’ve been doing well on my studying and getting MCQs done, and doing better in the tax questions than I expected to.

I’ve been dealing with some health issues lately and am hoping that they don’t hinder my progress and focus. I feel much more stressed now that the exam date is approaching, but keep telling myself to keep calm.

I’m seriously ready to be done with REG and move on. I had taken a few days off over my daughter’s spring break so we could do some family activities because I kept hearing I was studying too much. They got some good mommy time and I got a much needed break. I’ve been hitting the studying harder since.

I wish us all good luck. With a little perseverance and determination – we can knock this exam out!

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