Surprise! I Passed the REG Dumpster Fire

22 Sep 2016


Rollie SRollie is a NINJA CPA blogger.


I would like to report an update to the dumpster fire experience I had during my last testing experience.

As you are aware, I did lodge a formal complaint with NASBA within 5 business days of taking the exam.

They responded saying they have everything they need to conduct an investigation and that this investigation would not delay the scoring of my exam. I thought it was a rather vague and uninformative response.

The night before score release, I am worried that I’m about to see another failing score after my dumpster fire experience. I wake up the next morning and completely forget to look until I put on my seatbelt before backing out of the garage.

To my delight, I see the 81 pop up on my mobile device!

My response was to run back in the house to show my wife and quickly run back to the car so I would still have time to stop at Menard’s before work.

I cannot believe I passed after a poor testing experience. As my wife said “maybe you thrive under severe distraction.”

Up next comes AUD as I was waiting around too long to hear from NASBA. I know I can tackle AUD in a month due to the extended testing windows.

This time I need to make sure I learn auditing procedures as I tend to get every term confused. I am certain that not knowing that section has contributed to my two failed attempts at AUD.

Until next time, just keep swimming!

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