Perseverance: Learning to Survive the CPA Exam

10 Sep 2015


Rollie S

Rollie is a NINJA CPA blogger.


Happy beginning to a blackout month before we begin 4th quarter and the ultimate demise of my REG credit…

I have accepted that REG is gone and that I need to start focusing on FAR/studying in a more efficient and effective manner. It is frustrating, albeit many life lessons can be learned from this process.

The big lesson I am learning is perseverance. Multiple failures and countless dollars down the drain have taught me not to give up and keep on swimming!

I am currently treading through the FAR material trying to refresh my memory on the exciting topics ranging from capital leases to everyone’s favorite: FUNd accounting. (Don’t worry, I will be here all night).

It is depressing to have to keep studying these topics, but the crushing weight of wanting to pass this exam keeps me pushing forward. I am hoping that my fairly new method of studying and retaining the material will help me pass on the first try.

By method, I mean using the NINJA framework and actually applying the study method. Ever since, I have been scoring in the 70’s and have been close almost every time.

In this point of the game, I continually pounding the NINJA MCQs and trying to learn the basics of bonds, leases, etc. As I come upon a new topic, I tend to delve into the topic a little deeper or try to make my own amortization table for deprecation, etc. I feel that his strategy is helping me retain the material and hopefully pass this beast!

Hopefully next time I will have some better news about FAR material starting to click and finally closing on a home!

Until next time, keep on swimming!

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