Questions the CPA Exam Makes Me Ask Myself

03 Aug 2016


Rollie SRollie is a NINJA CPA blogger.

Disclaimer: The following blog post features unedited raw emotion and exciting inner-self dialogue.

Reactions weeks later are still strong and angry from the riveting 74 on BEC. As you can see, I am still angry that I got a 74. I was hoping to finally get one under my belt for some momentum.

Alas, it did not happen and I am back to studying cost accounting and oligopolies. Hopefully, I will feel more confident in a couple weeks for the retake. If the trend continues for my BEC retakes (73, 74). I should be good to go!

Some deep philosophical questions I have asked myself in the last few weeks while continuing to study for the CPA Exam include the following:

“Am I too stupid for this test?”

“Am I too stupid in general?”

“Am I a really bad test taker?”

“Do I really want this?”

“Why does NASBA hate me?”

“Does Aldi's have a better price per pound for steak than Hy-Vee?”

“Oh wait. I keep failing. We don't have money for steaks!”

I am hoping to turn these questions into something more positive as I get closer to retaking BEC.

In the meantime, just keep swimming.

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