REG Retake: Time to Pick Up Studying Again

01 Jul 2016


Christina FChristina is a NINJA CPA blogger.

I’ll admit it now – studying hasn’t been my top priority the past few weeks.

Honestly, I’ve decided to push my plan back and take my REG retake in the middle/end of July. It’s hard when so many people demand your attention and you can’t get the time you need to study.

My husband lost his job back in October, found something temporary, but it only lasted a month and he was let go unexpectedly so now the stress of being a one-income family again and dealing with him trying to be a stay-at-home dad and look for jobs has become my focus/stressor.

He has our 3 yr old son all day and the time I would normally take to study, he wants some wind down time away from the kiddos. Doesn’t help I now have to focus and study and be comfortable before I can even take the exam because I really can’t afford to take them more than once.

I know I’m not the only one with so many things in life happening. I’m seriously surprised that all of what I have going on at home and this exam haven’t pushed me past my sanity.

I had someone ask me why I hadn’t passed or finished by now and then they proceeded to tell me that I was just making excuses. They were lucky I walked away when I did.

The stress that this exam puts on a person matched with what goes on at home when you’re so depended on, can cause someone to have to put things down for a bit and walk away to maintain your sanity.

So, I haven’t studied in the past month, but I did buy the [A71 product=”notes”]NINJA Notes so that I can use those and the NINJA MCQs to study and I will use the book/lecture videos as needed. I read the entire book last time and I am going to avoid that this time around and focus on the MCQs.

I have a plan. Now if life could stop getting in my way, I could finish this exam.

I plan on starting today to read the notes then will copy them and go from there. Happy studying NINJAs!

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