REG Score: Waiting is Painful

18 May 2016


Christina FChristina is a NINJA CPA blogger.

I write to you as I wait for my REG score.

It’s painful waiting for scores. Luckily, I’ve been busy enough to not really think about it much. I’ve started studying for BEC and have a whole plan worked out.

I’m aiming to take it May 28th because I’ll be at a work conference that week and without the kids around, it’s the perfect time to get review in. This is my second go at BEC. Hopefully I’ll pass this time.

My aim is to watch the lectures, read the book in the first 2-2 ½ weeks and then focus on NINJA MCQs.

I took notes off of Blitz when that was available (Thank you Jeff!!) so I’ll re-write those and my own notes as well.

The last time I took BEC, I didn’t read the book; I just worked on MCQs. Obviously, that wasn’t effective for me, so we will see how this new plan works.

With summer looming I hope to use my time wisely and get lots of studying done, but also get to enjoy going to the beach with the family. So far we have no vacation planned as my husband just got a new job, so as long as I study during the week, I can do some MCQs or notes in the car on a ride to the beach. Sounds perfect to me!

Good luck to all still testing and those waiting for scores with me.

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