Time to Regain Focus and Pass the CPA Exam

27 Feb 2017


Christina is a NINJA CPA blogger.

I feel like a failure: I either fail this exam or push it aside for family obligations.

Until recently I would tell people “I work in accounting” rather than “I'm an accountant” because I didn't think I earned the title, but then my accountant mom overheard me. She made it very clear that passing the CPA exam does not make me an accountant. I already am one.

The journey to passing the CPA Exam is tough because this isn’t just any old exam. This exam messes with your head. It was messing with my head.

Then I realized: I can have a conversation about everything I’ve ever studied in my books (and be right), but I can’t get through the questions. Recently, I’ve focused on the book. I set aside MCQ for a little bit to try to regain my focus.

If I can talk about the topics in the book, but get stuck on the questions, I obviously know the material. It's time to pull myself out of this hole.

I CAN finish this exam.
I CAN pass this exam.
I WILL pass this exam.

It’s amazing how your mind plays tricks on you during this process. I’m done focusing on the book. My next stop is to wear out my NINJA MCQ and put this exam behind me.

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allergic2mornings 7 years ago

You can do it!