Ask the NINJAs: How to Re-Write Your CPA Exam Notes

24 Oct 2017

Ask the NINJAs

Dear NINJAs,

I am studying for my 5th attempt at Auditing.

I received 71 my last go round.

I am going to try the note re-writing concept you advocate.

Do I re-write all 92 pages of the NINJA Notes at once and then again 4 more times or do I write one section 5 times then go to the next section?

Thanks in advance, Tasha

Dear Tasha,

Re-writing your notes is an ancient NINJA study tactic.

We NINJAs have been re-writing our CPA Exam notes since 71 B.C., except we had to do it on a stone tablet.

You kids have it so easy these days.

How to Re-Write Your NINJA Notes:

First, we recommend reading the NINJA Notes as many times as possible between the time you get them and exam day.

Let's say you're only into Chapter 2 of your Crazy-Expensive CPA Review Course (you'll be paying it off for the next 5 years, so it deserves to be Capitalized)…read through the NINJA Notes anyway.

Your Crazy-Expensive CPA Review Course topics will make more sense after reading through the NINJA Notes (it's ok that they get all of the glory once you pass…just whisper to your co-workers in the elevator that it was really NINJA that got you through.)

Or, perhaps a secret code to let others know that you're a NINJA too, despite your office having a corporate account with someone else.

Something like…

“Hey, can you HIYA me that stapler?”

“Any chance you can HIYA me that toilet paper?”

and … if your boss comes to you and says…

“Can you HIYA me last month's numbers?”, you're set for life.


Read the Notes as many times as possible (and listen to the NINJA Audio during your commute as many times as you possibly can as well … or at least as many times as you can stand Jeff's Kansas-twang Hillbilly Hickery-do-Dah voice).

The Final Countdown: 2 Weeks from Exam Day

NOW is when you re-write your Notes.

Re-write them once..should take you about 5 days (and no longer than 7!)

At this point, you're all set for your final look at the material:


Read NINJA Book over your “I pray that they don't ask me this on the CPA Exam” spots

– Watch NINJA PLUS videos over your weak areas

– Carry your re-written notes everywhere you go



and … one more time …

– Pound NINJA MCQ …

and finally … walk into Prometric and PASS your Exam.

(and…don't forget to whisper in the elevator once you pass).


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Dear NINJAs,

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