Rollie’s Important PSA for CPA Candidates

15 Mar 2016


Rollie SRollie is a NINJA CPA blogger.

Good Day NINJAs!

I would like to start this very important press release to piggy back on one of Keona’s recent blog posts. It profoundly highlights my increasing stupidity throughout this process.

Like a good and wise man, I decided to purchase my NTSs in advance because I thought it was a very good idea.

Lately, my FAR studies have been stagnate, which means I am falling behind and would have to push the test back.

However, I recently discovered that my AUD and BEC NTSs expire next testing window, thus I guess it is time to switch gears…

I will start updating as my exciting AUD studies swing into full strength!!

For the purposes of this next segment, imagine a stick figure with a beard…

This is Jeff.
Jeff is a CPA candidate.
Jeff buys 1 NTS at a time.
Jeff knows that if he buys more than 1 NTS at a time he will waste money.
Jeff is smart.
Be like Jeff

Thank you for reading my very important PSA.

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Grant 8 years ago

I respectfully disagree with this post. If you need to buy an NTS 1 at a time, you probably won't pass the exam to begin with. Doubling up is probably the best way to do it, considering you should be aiminig to pass an exam each quarter and that will save money. Regardless of how many tests you apply for each NTS, there is a flat application fee. Hence, it is smart to double up. If planned adequately, you should still have enough study time to have a good chance of passing both.