My Strategy for Studying REG: Practice, Practice, Practice

31 May 2017


Aida is a NINJA CPA blogger.

I wanted to share my strategy on preparation for REG section.

First, I try to do 50 NINJA MCQs a day. If I miss a day, I catch up the next day – so total 100 questions on that day.

Second, there are topics I enjoy and topics I struggle with. Business Law and Ethics and Responsibility are much easier for me to get, so I start with one of the difficult portions (for example: corporate taxation).

After I’m done with that, I do the ones that are easier. That way I do not concentrate only on the hardest part. And of course – after each section – practice, practice, practice.

For those who do not work as tax preparers, I recommend you print out Tax Return forms for the Taxation portion. It was easier for me to memorize the facts and circumstances when I had a form in front of me.

In addition I was able to picture where each number goes in the form. One important point to make: most people think of income as the earnings received from work, however there are number of other sources that you should keep in mind – gifts, rent income, inheritance, etc.

As you know, there are only two multiple choice testlets in the REG section and 8 simulations. That is why you need to manage your time accordingly – make sure you leave enough time to practice simulations.

I haven’t started doing Simulations yet, hopefully, my next blog will be about them. That’s all I have for now.

Thank you!

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