Studying BEC during March Madness

02 Apr 2015


Rollie SHello NINJAs and spring!

BEC studying is still going well, thus I do not have much of an update for you this time. Right now, I am trending around 56 percent on NINJA MCQ and I am starting to remember some of the fun cost accounting formulas and ratios.

I am working hard on trying to remember formulas, etc. One of my new strategies, especially if I am at work, is to print off the questions I get wrong so I can review them again later in the evening. So far it has been helping a lot!!

In other news, due to March Madness, my productivity level has dropped at work and while studying. The good news is that I have new medication. I have struggled with depression and anxiety for many years, which makes it hard to concentrate at work, home and studying.

We recently tried a new medication and my mood and ability to concentrate have improved! Hopefully, I can get another pass under my belt with this new level of productivity.

Goals for the weekend:

Until next time, good luck studying NINJAs!

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