Studying for the CPA Exam During the Holidays

13 Dec 2016


Christina FChristina is a NINJA CPA blogger.

The holidays are here, whether we like it or not. That tends to mean a huge distraction for us that are studying for the CPA exam. I had planned on taking REG on Dec. 8th.

My husband was behind me and ready to take more on at home, until I was scheduled for 6 full days of meetings at work and extra projects all due in November.

We discussed it and decided that it would behoove me to change the test date to the first weekend of January because with the days off due to the holidays, I can take extra time to study. That will allow me to take a second exam at the end of Q1 testing period before the changes in the exam.

The fact that we decided on the test date together makes me feel I will have more backup from him at home in order to maximize my time and get studying in. It pushes the exam back farther than I truly wanted, but knowing I’ll have my husband’s support is super important.

Since I have pushed the exam back an extra 4 weeks, I have made a study schedule and will post it in the house for everyone to see. That way everyone knows not to bug mom during those times.

I wasn’t thrilled with postponing my exam again after all of the stuff that’s happened this year, but I know it’s the wise thing to do. I feel like I’ve been completely derailed this year; I keep picking up studying and life gets in the way.

I’m hoping now that life has settled down (knock on wood) so that I can get on track with this exam and knock it out by mid-year next year.

To all of you testing these next few weeks, good luck! To those waiting until January; press on and keep studying!

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