BEC in the Books: My First Good Exam Experience

24 Apr 2015


Rollie SRollie is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hello NINJAs!

Took BEC on Saturday the 4th and actually had my first good exam experience. I was much better prepared after studying for BEC and I was more confident.

On the flipside, I will never schedule a 2:30 PM appointment again. Waiting all day and not wanting to tax your brain before the exam made for a much higher anxiety level. I remember watching a Nicholas Spark’s movie with my wife that morning.

A little before 2 PM, I took my very long drive to Prometric and arrived around 2 PM I sat in the car just committing the 50 formulas I had on flashcards to short term memory.

It was very helpful and I did a fist pump when I used one of the formulas on the first testlet. 2nd testlet got harder and I remember mouthing the F-bomb at a question because it was out of left field. On the writing SIMs, I did not know some of the topics, but I am a very good writer if need be.

I figured that writing style played a good factor into the scoring of writing simulations. Overall, I am very hopeful this time! What did I do in the last couple days?

Well, I decided to take a few days off before I move to AUD in May as my NTS expires. I have to be careful that a few days does not turn into weeks because I was horrible with auditing in college. I watched college basketball and unfortunately DUKE won.

Really, who likes Duke? I have also watched mindless TV on Netflix such as Cutthroat Chef and random documentaries. It reminds me of what I have to look forward to after all the exams are done. I really enjoy going home at 3:30 and turning my mind off.

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