Summer Distractions+ Studying for the CPA Exam

29 Jun 2017


Rollie is a NINJA CPA blogger.

I am making my way through MCQ during this blistering and warm June. I see progress as I get closer to the July 1st testing date, but with summer in full swing there are many ways to get distracted from studying for the CPA Exam.

Let’s take a look at some:

  • Perennials need watering. Let’s go outside!
  • Darn Quack grass is invading my lawn. Let’s go outside!
  • Nice day to sit on the porch and have a beer. Let’s go outside!
  • We received an inch of rain from a storm. Grass needs mowing. Let’s go outside!
  • Garage Sale down the street. Let’s go outside!
  • Bird Feeders need filling. Wouldn’t want our squirrels to go hungry… Let’s go outside!
  • Mulch was on sale at Lowes. Better put it down. Let’s go outside!
  • Severe Thunderstorm is rolling in. Let’s go outside! (full disclaimer – I know this is a really dumb idea)
  • Tree branches fell down from previous night storm. What do we do? We go outside!

Two techniques that work for me when I’m faced with distractions:

1. I study 20-30 NINJA MCQ and then take a short break. With ADHD, that maximizes my attention span and utilizes my time more efficiently.

2. This sounds stupid from the start, but I make it as annoying as possible to get out of my chair: I have a high-powered fan I turn on and then I recline in my chair with a blanket on top of me.

I get infuriated when I get up and all of the cords get tangled in the recliner. Since I have no battery for my laptop, if it gets unplugged, I lose everything. I get crazy when that happens, so I tend to stay put.

Until next time, just keep swimming.

Rollie Studying for CPA Exam

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GoGatorsCPA 7 years ago

Honestly, I rarely come back to this site, but this site pops up on my Facebook page when I log in and of course your picture or blog post is the click bait. Personally, I wish you much success with the CPA exam, but I can't help but notice you've been working on this thing since what 2013? Dude, you should be long done with this exam. I'm embarrassed (for you) that you keep having to blog your failures on this website. Let me give you a couple words of advice: stop blogging. Eliminate every distraction in your life whether that be social media, movies, sports, entertainment, etc. Knock out 2,000 practice questions, get your practice scores up to an 85-90% and go pass the exams! You're obviously smart, but distracted. Stop blogging. Start studying. Start passing.