Summer is Over: Back to the CPA Exam Routine

12 Oct 2016


Christina FChristina is a NINJA CPA blogger.

School is back in session, schedules are back to normal and summer is, for all purposes, over. I always feel like summer is such a hectic time and had a hard time studying for the CPA Exam with everything going on, but it’s over.

Fall is here and while we have activities planned, like apple picking, I can finally get some good studying time in.

I’ve been working NINJA MCQs lately and have been trending about 68% or so in the subject that I was working on. I’m trying to focus this week on taxes; that’s the section that worries me the most.

Now that we’ve been on a new schedule with my husband working and my oldest going back to school, I can wake up early enough for a workout and study session first thing in the morning and then more studying in the evenings once the kids are in bed.

I’m definitely trying to get the max time I can studying and get my scores higher on MCQs. I have to attend camping training for Girl Scouts this weekend since our troop is begging to camp, but I at least plan to bring my NINJA notes to read when we finally get some down time.

It will be a long weekend hardly spent at home, but I need to fit studying in somewhere so I don’t lose momentum.

I wish everyone luck with their studying, I know I need it!

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