NINJA Blogging Therapy + Taking FAR before AUD

06 Oct 2015


By Key522

Keona2Keona is a NINJA CPA blogger.

Update: AUD in less than 2 weeks (Taking care of health while studying)

I decided to travel to go visit my father. I mentioned in my introductory blog he suffered a stroke earlier this year, prior to starting my studying section for AUD.

The night I came back I had a sore throat and an earache. Oh great! A summer cold to start my studying off with!

Life happens. Sick or not, the show must still go on.

I was back to carrying around my books and notepad. Thankfully the AUD book isn’t as heavy as the FAR book.

Although I wasn’t feeling back to 100%, I still needed to start studying because my exam was scheduled already.

I made the decision to become a NINJA blogger; my first blog was therapeutic. I am a private person so writing a blog is so out of character for me.

I received so much advice and motivation from my fellow NINJAs and I thought it would be selfish to not share my story.

After I was able to get rid of my cold I went to the doctor for a physical. I ran into a problem most CPA candidates run into. I gained weight! My doctor informed me of a gain 10lbs since my last visit.

So of course I explain I was studying for the CPA for the last 10 months but I knew that wasn’t a good excuse. Unfortunately, I am working full time and trying to squeeze in 20 hours per week of studying, so I stopped going to the gym.

I am less than two weeks away from my third section of my CPA. I plan on pounding NINJA MCQ for my final review. I also plan on completing all the Simulations in NINJA MCQ.

I did that for my FAR exam, even though some might think its overkill but the Simulations are 40% of your score so I like to be comfortable with the Simulations. Even though you never know what kind of Simulations you will get on your exam day.

My advice for my fellow NINJAs debating on taking FAR before AUD please consider this; taking FAR before AUD is definitely helping me with my studies. Also the BEC IT section is helping me with AUD IT.

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