Taking Notes while Studying with the REG NINJA Audio

19 Jun 2017


Joe is a NINJA CPA blogger.

The REG NINJA Audio is a tool I use to give me an extra edge on exam day. I passed both BEC and REG on the first try and I am convinced the NINJA audio was instrumental in my success.

Listening to the notes over and over again is very helpful, as Jeff makes the material as interesting as possible. I won't forget the parts of the unmodified audit report after hearing Jeff shout ““TIMAA!!!!”

Since I am a family man I find it easy to remember all of the analogies about him and his 7 children. The material is excellent and to the point.

One key to my success has been taking notes while listening to the Audio, I will sit down and listen to all of the material over a couple of days.

The only difficult part is pausing and replaying, I've found it is a lot easier to do this on a laptop so you can pause, rewind and fast forward easily. The Dropbox media player on my cell is hard to use when taking notes. Depending on your knowledge of the subject you can write as many or as little notes as you need.

Another trick is to keep a few separate pages in your notebook separate from the rest. I reserve these pages for pneumonic and key points that will be used heavily in my final review.

I highly recommend using NINJA Audio to boost your score for your next CPA exam section. This is an excellent product and will give you that extra edge you need on exam day!

Good Luck NINJAs!

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