Tax and Business Law: Making Headway in REG Concepts

18 May 2017


Rollie is a NINJA CPA blogger.


It looks like I am finally making headway on learning tax and some business law. I am still struggling with some concepts with corporate taxation (I mean who wouldn’t struggle with corporate taxation?). Estate taxes are a fun ordeal as well.

The major concepts are starting to kick in as I plow through REG NINJA MCQs. I feel that the key is to continue to plow through the software until your head hurts and you want to go jump in the big piles of snow. (See what I did there).

Another study method I have been employing is sending questions back and forth to Blogger Stacey. It helps pass the work day and then we are required to try to teach a new concept.

With teaching someone else being a great way to learn, I feel that this strategy will further our success. Spoiler alert: we are both looking to take our REG exam on May 26th. I feel this is a good way to motivate each other as we all know that studying sucks. Especially as the weather starts getting nice.

Hopefully by next time you read, I will be nailing all the topics and getting ready to test on the new format.


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