Summer Colds + Time for Studying REG

10 Aug 2016


Christina FChristina is a NINJA CPA blogger.

Anyone else feel like they just can’t catch a break? I am seriously beginning to think I need to run away from everyone to take these exams.

Everyone in my house has been sick the past 2 weeks. So instead of studying, I’ve been playing nurse, especially to my 3-yr-old who became my shadow while he was sick.

I tried to study, but every time I got into it I was interrupted by a child or husband needing something. Lucky for me, they are finally feeling better. Can I just say summer colds really stink?

So now that everyone is feeling better, my plans can get back on track. I spent the weekend disinfecting everything and getting things in order so I’m not as needed and I can focus on my goal. I’ve got goals to accomplish and first up on my list is to knock these exams out of the way.

I know I’m not alone in this mess of studying for CPA exams and knowing that helps. I may not always post, but reading the posts on the forum helps me because a lot of what’s posted is things I struggle with as well.

While studying REG, I’m going to re-read the notes this week to gain a refresher and then start working on NINJA MCQs and re-writing the notes by the end of the week. I’ve been retaining more and more, but having to take time off I want to refresh my mind so I’m not wasting my time on MCQs if I’m not ready.

I get to work early to study in peace and study on my lunch breaks. That’s 1 ½ hours a day, but I plan on adding an extra hour in the evenings and at least 8 on the weekends to study more and really get at this exam. I’m coming for you REG.

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