Welcome NINJA Blogger Stacey: Focusing on the CPA Exam

13 Jun 2016


By Adam29

Stacey-HeadshotStacey is a NINJA CPA blogger.


My name is Stacey from South Dakota, trying to figure out this stage in life of studying for the CPA exam.

I have been out of college and married for 4 years and, now that my husband has his Masters, I am focusing on my CPA.

Most of our marriage we have had part time jobs in addition to our full time jobs, so I am officially calling studying for my CPA my part time job. We also have a couple of rental properties where I am involved with the financials and major decisions.

I happened to take enough credit hours in my four years of college (with a few summers of catching up) to have started working on my CPA right out of college, but I made plenty of excuses.

I started getting serious about the idea of taking the exams not quite a year ago. I took FAR and REG last fall with no passing scores.

After pausing for the holidays I made a major priority change of removing myself from all community sports teams. I have since been able to continue exercising/training for a race this summer by scheduling my runs around the times I study best, instead of studying around everything else on the schedule.

I decided to stick with what I started and recently took REG, waiting on that score, and am studying for FAR in another few weeks.

I look forward to being a part of the NINJA team to continue to better my studying habits while sharing my struggles and hopefully eventual success!

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John Thompson 8 years ago

Welcome to the NINJA blog team. Like you I'm a later starter to working on my CPA certification. Sounds like you have a good start on your journey. Good luck....