Words of Wisdom before Taking the BEC Exam

17 Jun 2016


Rollie SRollie is a NINJA CPA blogger.


Four days and long nights of studying to go on my way to hopefully procuring the glorious and ever sought after 75 on BEC!

I am currently trending 72 percent with NINJA MCQ and hoping to increase to 80ish by Friday. My test is at 2:30 PM on Saturday….

I always struggle to decide if I should be studying in the morning or just pace anxiously around the house, plant some grass or actually cram.

I have been told to keep my brain fresh and alert. I think I will be scheduling morning tests from here on out. At least when I am done with my afternoon exam, it is a perfect time to enjoy adult beverages.

Currently, I seem to be struggling with the nice weather but even more, I am struggling with financial management concepts and trying to remember the IT terminology. I am very good with computers and networks, but these obscure terms they have for their IT section are completely out of left field.

I will try to nail these concepts down before exam day. Speaking of exam day, here are some things that I have learned not to do leading up to exam day or on exam day:

  • Drink a ton of coffee hours before walking into Prometric
  • Eat Taco Bell within days of the exam
  • Eat Ramen Noodles the night before the exam
  • Have a big greasy breakfast at IHOP before the exam
  • Stay up really late the night before the exam watching some non-important sporting event

Take heed and keep studying away….!

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John Thompson 8 years ago

Great tips on preparing for the BEC exam. I'm with on the financial management topic. Cost Accounting is one of my sticking points. Good luck on the exam. See you in the trenches.