Getting it Done: Selling Cookies + Working NINJA MCQ

07 May 2015


Christina FChristie is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

I’m writing today to hopefully give some encouragement. I’ve learned a lot the past 2 months studying for this exam; the fact I need to learn how to say no, life likes to make things interesting and I’m really glad I came up with a study schedule.

Have you ever felt as though as soon as you decide you’re going to start doing something and focus on it, life starts throwing curve balls at you?

When I set my test date, our brand new Girl Scout troop wasn’t doing a cookie booth; we had decided we weren’t ready for that this year. 2 days after I set my test date, which I had to take because my NTS is expiring, the troop decided to do 2 booths.

Two Saturdays lost to the land of cookies. Two days of studying that I lost. It was worth the time spent with my daughter, but I sure wish I had been able to study.

Now I’m a week away from my test and freaking out. What if I haven’t studied enough, my trending score on the NINJA MCQ isn’t where it should be, I need to remember these formulas!!

The thoughts running through my mind are endless today. As I sat at work this morning freaking out, a Bible verse I memorized a long time ago as a child came to mind. Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Why am I stressing out when I know I can do this?

Whether I pass or not, I’ve given my best effort. If I go in feeling defeated, I will come out defeated. I need to wipe this out now and get my confidence back.

Wherever you get your confidence from; God, yourself, your family, don’t let go of that. You need that confidence to get through this test. Remind yourself of all the reasons why you are doing this and stick to your study plan.

Yes, this exam is hard. Really hard. There is no reason why we can’t just push through and pass it anyway. My study tip for today is this, don’t let life get in the way or get you down, take a break for life, but then get back to studying. Cover the material, use every second of study time to really study, don’t let yourself get distracted.

Get those MCQs done; work them until you can’t stand to look at them anymore. That’s what I’ve been trying to do. We’ll find out soon enough if it worked. This week is to re-read what I can, go through my notes and do nonstop NINJA MCQs every chance I get. I WILL pass this exam. I want it too much.

Good luck to everyone testing, we’ve got this! Hopefully we will all be able to report some good news soon!

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