Another Shot: Getting Ready to Pass REG Again

02 Jun 2017


Rollie is a NINJA CPA blogger.


Ready for a fun fact? I got 7 NINJA MCQs correct in a row! I know right? I'm actually learning. Shocker!

The bad news is I am not trending any where near the 75 percent mark in REG. This has me moderately worried as I can not fail again.

I have wasted too much time, money and stress on this test to fail again. Hence, a full court press into the final weeks to take this magical and glorious test.

Speaking of failing again, I offhandedly mentioned to my boss about giving up because I am so tired to doing this process. And the money. Don't forget about the money.

He said that it is not for everyone and that some people are bad test takers like me. The guilt of giving up would be terrible, although I'm sure my wife would love to have me back to normal.

I have at least one more test paid for and that is REG. I will give it another shot and hopefully pass REG again!

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