The CPA Exam After 40?

Hello, my name is Diane. I am not the typical CPA exam candidate, as I've just begun the testing process at age 41.

I've held just about every job in Corporate Accounting, from A/P Clerk to Controller. Hopefully the CPA designation will allow my career to move upward and onward.

I have an MS in Accounting as well as an MBA.

Sounds impressive, right?

I will pass each section on the first attempt, with little or no effort, due to knowledge gleaned in professional and academic pursuits, right?

Well, I was hoping that was the case, but sometimes reality can be rather ugly.

My first test was AUD in January 2011. Upon completion, I had no idea how I'd performed. When asked for a ballpark guess at my score, I honestly answered “anywhere from 55 to 85.”

The reason is simple: I am relearning half of the tested material. In the case of AUD, one hundred percent of the material. My last Audit class was in 1997, and I've never worked as an auditor.

I'm currently studying for BEC and slowly plodding through the muddy IT waters. No remembrance of an IT class comes to mind, so this is yet another new topic, like so much of this garbage bin exam section.

All of my friends, except one, took the exam when it was written. If I hear one more remark about my computerized cakewalk, someone will experience a rapidly moving CPA Review book traveling in their general direction.

Is there anyone else out there who, for whatever reason, is taking the exam a little late in their career? I would love to hear from you!