Ask the NINJAs: How to Recover from a 36 on the CPA Exam

Dear NINJAs,

I am really lost here, I hope you have some advice to guide me at least in some sort of direction.

I am studying to RETAKE FAR – I got a 36 the first time around and I had studied for 3 months.

I am now a month and a half in of studying the second time around.

I watched lectures and took notes, and I just started doing MCQs today…. not so hot.

I am getting an average of 40% and I have no clue what to do, as I listened to the lectures (Expensive Course) and took notes.

I don't understand how I am not getting the material.

I am 27 days out and I need some major help!

– Sara

Dear Sara,

Sorry to hear about your struggles.

Let's dive in and get you on the road to passing.

When a CPA Candidate is struggling, it's usually because of one of two reasons – and sometimes, both.

Scenario 1: You're not studying properly with your current CPA Review Materials

The Fix: Apply the NINJA Study Framework to your current materials

Scenario 2: Your current CPA Exam study materials don't fit your learning style

The Fix: Go shopping for a different study course and try to salvage parts of your current course that you can still use (the MCQs). People often do this when they ditch their course and go #fullNINJA.

Scenario 3: A combination of #1 and #2: Apply the NINJA Study Framework to your current review materials and add supplementary materials to your review course (marketing alert!) like NINJA CPA Review.

Our Recommendation: Before you purchase any other study materials, go with Scenario 1 – apply the NINJA Framework (watch the video) to your current CPA Review Course and see if you turn things around.

Give it a week.

After a week, you'll know if you should keep going on the current path, ditch your current course altogether, or add something to supplement it (marketing alert!) like NINJA.


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