A Hybrid Method of Studying for the REG Exam

05 Apr 2017


Rollie is a NINJA CPA blogger.


Do you ever feel like you are too stupid? Do you ever feel that a dense and ugly shoe box could understand accounting better? That is what I feel like right now. A dense shoe box.

I am falling further and further behind with my REG studying. I am trending only 50 percent, but nothing is sinking in after many many NINJA MCQs.

I am starting to find it moderately infuriating because I have passed REG before. And now I have pushed into April because I cannot seem to grasp the concepts.

The one study method that is helping material sink in is printing the tax forms and working through them every time an MCQ involves tax.

It took me many years to realize I learn with a hybrid of visual and hands-on. Hence, listening to lectures in college was giant waste of time: I have to practice first then see the visuals. Yes, they had questions to prepare you for the lecture, but who honestly had time for that optional garbage?

I have emphasized this before, but I thrive on learning from my mistakes; both in CPA land, and work, family, hobby, etc. Hopefully this will help me finally connect and grasp the concepts.

Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.

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