Motivation for the CPA Exam

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Hello NINJAs!

Tomorrow is the day of reconciliation at Prometric and another chance to see Lyle. Lyle is the guy that checks you in and out at my center.

You know you been to Prometric too many times when you greet each other at the grocery store by name…

I am hoping for a good experience like I had with BEC, except without the whole failing part.

I am starting to feel good about Audit despite my extreme hatred for the subject and test questions.

I am recognizing ways to narrow down choices in the MCQs and getting better at choosing the “best answer.”

The “best answer” questions always throw me for a loop and are complete BS. It comes back to looking for the keywords and recognizing patterns like “always” and “all,” etc.

After doing 2400 CPA exam questions, I feel that I have a good grasp on a lot of concepts and recognizing the tricks. My big problem is sometimes I forget to the read the WHOLE question or WHOLE answers.

One word could be paramount between a correct and incorrect answer.

If you have been following, you know that I recently failed BEC. I was really hoping for the pass to get motivation and momentum moving, albeit, I continued to push forward with AUD so I could get another exam in this testing window. I will retake BEC on July 2nd.

Also, you probably understand my extreme hatred for Auditing and my piss poor motivation. What got me going back to the public library after work?

What got me to sit down and pound MCQs? It was seeing the end goal and setting and a small reward for each day of studying: a little something to look forward to after a QUALITY study session-none of this study for 3 hours crap where I/you spend half of your time on the phone or Facebook. It had to be QUALITY.

What did I do for reward/calm down time before seeing the wife? I would go hit some golf balls at a golf simulator that is a couple minutes from my house.

Or some days I would pick a TV show to watch when my wife decides to start watching a terrible show called Vampire Diaries…

Having a reward gave me something to look forward to after a boring, but quality [A71 product=”combo”]NINJA study session[/A71]. I suggest that other candidates try this method if you trouble motivating yourself to study.

Until next time, keep on swimming!

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