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CPA Exam Retake Tips | How to Study After Failing

How long do you recommend studying for a retake? Just found out I failed auditing with a 64. I recommend studying for a retake the same as if you were studying for the first time. And the reason for that is people oftentimes go in and they’ll fail and then they’ll think, okay, I’m just […]

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REG CPA Exam | Which Tax Law Numbers Should You Memorize?

Hey Jeff. I failed reg with the 70 in June supplementing with NINJA CPA for my second. I have a retake tomorrow morning with the 2021 changes. What can I expect with regards to question wording? Will they tell me to use 2021 tax law numbers? No, I don’t think it’ll tell you “2021” or […]

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CPA Exam Pass Rate (Q2 2021) | Podcast #94

Topics covered on this podcast:

Intro: CPA Exam Pass Rates for Q2 2021

1. Hey Jeff – I’m beginning my CPA Exam preparation. How many weeks should I plan for each test? – Denise

2. I just resubscribed to NINJA after failing the FAR section for my 5th time on June 29th with a 67 (My other scores were 59 [12/28/20, I used NINJA before my 2nd attempt and then got a 68 [2/11/21], 52 [3/23], and 70 [Originally scheduled for 5/14, but halfway through taking my exam, the entire testing center crashed and had to retake it on 6/4]). [I then figured maybe to ‘rush my retake before June 30th]. My ‘primary’ CPA course is Roger. Now, here I am, with my 6th attempt scheduled for September 1st (3.5 weeks). I wanted to know if you had any tips to help because I am almost on the verge of ‘throwing in the towel’ and saying, “I guess this isn’t for me.” πŸ™ Also, do you think I should reset my data in the MCQs Dojo? Thanks so much!!! Yitzchak

3. Your reg notes say NOL for 2018 and beyond are limited to 80% taxable income and carried forward indefinitely. I believe this is wrong. Because of the cares act, this changed to 2018-2020, has no limit on taxable income, and can be carried back five and forward indefinitely. Then beginning 2021, it has the 80% limit and is carried forward indefinitely. Am I correct?- Josh

and more…

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July 2021 CPA Exam Changes – Podcast #93

Questions covered on this CPA Exam Podcast: “What are the CPA Exam changes after July 1?” β€œMany CPA study programs market their materials with prescribed study time amounts. How is Ninja CPA Review different?.” β€œHow do I study for FAR? I have been out of school for years and the massive amount of information overwhelms […]

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AICPA Updates CPA Exam Sample Test for July 2021

Good news, Future CPAs. The NINJAs got a notice that the AICPA has updated the CPA Exam sample tests for FAR, AUD, REG, and BEC. I recommend that all CPA candidates practice the AICPA Sample Test before their exam. You can have the best CPA test bank in the world, but nothing compares to the […]

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NINJA Sparring – Live CPA Tutoring

NINJA Sparring is the live CPA Exam Tutoring service offered through NINJA Monthly.

We launched it in 2020 at the request of a member while everyone was stuck at home and never stopped doing them. πŸ™‚

The weekly live CPA Tutoring sessions are done via Zoom and all NINJA Monthly members can attend and ask questions.

We run four live sparring sessions a week with the following schedule:

Monday – FAR
Tuesday – AUD
Wednesday – REG
Thursday – BEC

Most sessions include an accompanying Excel worksheet.

Replays are available the following day and there are currently 270+ hours of replays available for NINJA Monthly members, broken down by CPA Exam topic.

Each Monday, we will be posting a full sparring replay from a past session.

If you like what you see, become a NINJA πŸ™‚

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