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Passing FAR CPA Exam in 2 Weeks with Expiring Credit

Passing FAR CPA Exam in 2 Weeks with Expiring Credit

“I’ve passed Auditing and Regulation and take my FAR CPA Exam in two weeks, and I am still figuring out where to focus. I’m two weeks from my exam, and I’ve not made any monumental progress since my last sitting for FAR. The issue is my reg exam expires on the 12th. The current methodology […]

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Post-CPA Exam Score Release Tips

cpa exam post score release tips

Now that the first CPA score release of 2023 has come and gone, here are some (super-quick) Post-CPA Exam Score Release tips for those who passed their exams and, more importantly, those who came up short.

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Should I Reschedule My CPA Exam or Take It?

REG CPA Exam Reschedule Exam or take it?

“I try to schedule my exams near the end of the testing period. My dilemma is I’m scheduled for my REG CPA Exam on 12/30. But, I still have nearly half of the content to cover. I’m not sure if I will be ready by 12/30 so I want to reschedule CPA Exam, but if […]

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