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89%…not ethical…92%…ETHICAL!

I decided to jump back onto the ethics exam today. I did questions 15-75…submitted and got a big fat 89. 89? I thought the answers were all right the first time. I went back through them and there was a section that I kind of guessed on and I found a few sleepers in there […]

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CPA Ethics Exam: zzzzzzzz…

Today I summoned every ounce of personal drive and motivation and cracked open my Ethics CD-ROM from the AICPA and I immediately hit a roadblock. How exactly does one get the stupid course code to work? The paper answer sheet that comes with it gives the url to register and get your answer sheet online. […]

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The Money Pit

I didn’t have another NTS to purchase this month, so I celebrated by spending $131 on “Professional Ethics: AICPA’s Comprehensive Course” to fulfill my state’s ethics requirement so that I can get my certificate and license. As far as I know the only place to purchase the course is through – a site the […]

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AICPA: 17-25% of candidates quit the CPA Exam

This isn’t breaking news by any means…this is from the Fall 2008 Uniform CPA Examination Alert and I didn’t get around to posting it when it first came out. The bulletin says that 46% of those who sat for all four parts passed it the first time, which seems high to me. I have always […]

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FAR – Believe the Hype

This isn’t my first rodeo and although I’ve sat for – and passed FAR before, that was two years ago and I didn’t take anything for granted this time. All totaled, I probably spent over 100 hours studying and worked 2000+ MCQs. Still, I was surprised, but not overwhelmed by any means with what I […]

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Old School Final Review

Since I bought myself (literally) an extra 10 days to study, I’ve set the software aside and have been methodically going through the Wiley book and doing Yaeger‘s recommended questions per section. I work the problem and then read the answer. Instead of flipping back and forth from the questions to the answers, I have […]

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