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CPA Exam: BEC ain’t no joke

I can use slang and double-negatives when referring to BEC because there’s no essay or writing portion of the exam – at least not until 2009. I consider BEC as the second-hardest section of the CPA Exam.

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Which Section of the CPA Exam should I take first?

I had a question on which section to take first and wanted to address it. You’ll find different opinions on this subject and here is mine: Take the hardest section first. The reasoning for this is very simple. Once you pass a section, your 18 month window begins (from the date you sat for the […]

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CPA Exam Questions: Can I do 250 A Day?

I’ve been running the numbers trying to devise a battle plan for REG and BEC. I did the math and I have 4,706 REG multiple choice questions and 2,790 BEC questions at my disposal. By the way, that’s 7,496 questions – all on software. I’ve never done all of the questions in preparing for an […]

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AUD 79 – A Much Needed Victory

Maybe it is just my imagination, but I thought the numbers were green when I passed FAR? Green…Gray…Burnt Umber…I’ll take anything 75 or above. I really needed this one. I seriously may have taken a looonnngggg hiatus I hadn’t passed. Thank you GOD/JESUS!

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CPA Exam Pass Tips: Take two CPA Exam sections at a time

According to the Uniform CPA Examination Alert, students who took two sections in a testing window were more likely to pass one section of the CPA Exam than those who took just one. Thought: Makes sense… Students who took two sections were also more likely to pass both of them than pass just one. Thought: […]

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CPA Exam Simulation Format Change in 2009?

According to the Uniform CPA Examination Alert the old format of two simulations will be replaced by 5 or 6 shorter Task-Based Simulations. Unlike the current two simulations, the new simulations will be independent of each other and each question will derive from a new set of information. Once approved by the end of 2008, […]

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CPA Exam Pass Rate Statistics

I was perusing the Uniform CPA Exam’s official website – cpa-exam.org and found something that I didn’t know existed…archived webcasts. According to these webcasts: –41-45% of all candidates who sit for a section pass it. Thought: This is interesting because the people taking these exams aren’t just people who casually went to the center, signed […]

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