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A little behind…

It has been tough to drudge up the motivation to jump back into REG and my goal of taking the REG exam 7/7 might be a bit optimistic now. However, I am into disc 2 of Yaeger‘s 9 disc REG set and am soaking up Module 33 – Individual Income Tax and am strengthening what […]

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An easy way to take notes while studying for the CPA Exam…

I’m working my way through Yaeger CPA Review’s Regulation HomeStudy program and I’m finding that I need to make notes of rules/exceptions so that I won’t forget them when I take the Regulation Exam in a month. This practice will work with any section of the CPA Exam, but is especially helpful I think with […]

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Diabolic Diagnostic

I peeked into the mailbox yesterday and sure enough some spam from some company called “NASBA” was in there. I opened it up and before I looked (true story) I prayed “God, please make this say that I passed” (or something to that effect). Instead, my eyes zeroed in on some heartless line about “no […]

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Waiting…and waiting…

The good news: REG scores are out. The bad news: I don’t have mine. The weird news: A friend of mine who took the exact same section in the exact same room on the exact same day had his score yesterday. My score must have been so fantastic that they didn’t think posting it electronically […]

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It appears that the REG scores will be the last section released in the first wave of scores. The wait is killing me. I heard a rumor that scores could be released last night, so I checked 4 times in the middle of the night. Clicking on the “submit” button to get your score and […]

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Major CPA Exam Changes Proposed by AICPA

The AICPA recently released a document titled “Exposure Draft: Proposed Content and Skill Specifications for the Uniform CPA Examination“. The PDF is a long (45 pages) read and it’s crammed with information. Some sections will be changed substantially, while others (FARE) won’t be affected as much. Keep in mind that these are only proposed alterations. […]

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