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It appears that the REG scores will be the last section released in the first wave of scores. The wait is killing me. I heard a rumor that scores could be released last night, so I checked 4 times in the middle of the night. Clicking on the “submit” button to get your score and […]

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CPA Exam Pass Rates First Quarter 2008 Released

BEC 46.94% FAR 45.95% REG 45.66% AUD 44.66% Get it here. Surprisingly, AUD had the lowest passing rate. It is generally regarded as the least-difficult section of the CPA Exam, while FARE is the hardest. Opinions vary, obviously.

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AICPA Sample Test

I was just given a heads-up from that the new AICPA sample tests were released by the AICPA minutes ago.

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Major CPA Exam Changes Proposed by AICPA

The AICPA recently released a document titled “Exposure Draft: Proposed Content and Skill Specifications for the Uniform CPA Examination“. The PDF is a long (45 pages) read and it’s crammed with information. Some sections will be changed substantially, while others (FARE) won’t be affected as much. Keep in mind that these are only proposed alterations. […]

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REG – After Sleeping on It…

After sleeping on it (and thinking about it all evening), I’m thinking/hoping that I was getting tripped up on test questions (i.e. fake questions that don’t count – the AICPA just uses them to gauge whether or not they’ll use them in the future as “real” questions). I felt like I knew the material pretty […]

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Back from Prometric

I took REG this afternoon and it was an absolute MONSTER. It goes down as the most mind-blowingly frustrating exam experience I’ve had. Every tax question was hard. Complex question after question. It sucked so bad that I looked forward to the next business law question. I didn’t finish one tab of my last sim. […]

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One down…one to go.

I took BEC this morning. It took me about 40 minutes of waiting to get checked in, but oh well. I think I smoked the exam…we’ll see. I felt this way with AUD and that turned out OK. You never really know, though. Financial Management has always been my weak area. I’ve never wanted to […]

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BEC is up first thing in the morning. I can roll out of bed and score a 71 on BEC, so to end my streak, I’ve been hitting areas that I’ve always ignored (Financial Management…I hate studying for it, so I go into the Exam and try to fake it). I did 307 IT questions […]

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Yaeger CPA Cram DVD: REG – Partnerships

I began Wiley module 35 – Partnership Taxation this morning. I worked an hour and a half holed-up in a conference room during lunch, and then another two hours after work. I was proficient at some aspects of partnerships, but after watching Yaeger‘s cram DVD section over it and working through the Wiley book with […]

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