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How to Start Preparing for CPA Exam after taking a long break?

“I had to take a break from my CPA Exam studies to homeschool the kids while we were all in quarantine (Thankfully, there were only minor symptoms, and everyone recovered). Now comes the familiar feeling of guilt from stopping and dread/regret of starting back up again. Any study tips on recovery and how to start […]

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How to Restudy for FAR CPA Exam after failing with a 64?

“Hello, I recently failed the FAR CPA Exam with a 64 and am trying to pick myself back up after this. I just purchased your materials and would like to know where to begin. Which aspects of NINJA CPA Review would be the most helpful for me? I need help understanding how to proceed after […]

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AICPA CPA Exam Released Questions easier than NINJA MCQ?

“This is my second time taking auditing, so I have already gone through my Becker CPA Review material. I have read the notes for NINJA a few times but have not been improving in my MCQ performance (around 70% every session). I have read that the questions are harder than AICPA CPA Exam Released Questions […]

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NINJA Tyler | Invaluable CPA Study Buddies

Tyler is a NINJA Blogger using NINJA + Wiley I took BEC last week. I’m in the dreaded waiting period until the exam score release date about 3 weeks out. In the meantime, I’ve decided to study for my next (and potentially final) exam, REG, rather than continue to study BEC as a hedge, which […]

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Should You Quit the CPA Exam? | Another71 Podcast 103

This CPA Exam podcast covers: Should You Re-Write the NINJA CPA Review Course Notes? How to Start Studying for the CPA Exam after 10 Months? Should You Quit the CPA Exam? Is CPA a Good Career after Failing FAR with 39? How Long to Retake CPA Exam Section After Failing? Retake FAR CPA Exam or […]

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