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CPA Exam Pass Rates

  The Q1 2009 CPA Exam pass rates have been released. While BEC and FAR remained about the same comparatively to Q1 2008, AUD and REG's pass rate jumped 2.95% and 2.30%, respectively. Q1 passing rates are historically the lowest of each year, so it will be interesting to see what the third quarter brings, when the pass rates are usually the highest.

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CPA Exam Changes

The Spring 2009 Uniform CPA Exam Alert came out in March, but I was too busy tinkering with my site's WordPress conversion to write about it. Basically, the new Alert is an update of their release that I wrote about 11 months ago. In short, Ethics and Independence are moving from REG to AUD; Business Structures is moving from BEC to the Business Law section of  REG;  BEC is getting a new section called “Corporate Governance” with IT getting tweaked to be tested from a management perspective; and FAR is hosting that mysterious rocker known as IFRS. Here's a few things to consider: – The jury is still out on the extent of IFRS that will be tested. They will release an update sometime in 2009 (my guess is that it will be on the Summer 2009 update in June). -Yes, AUD is getting harder, but REG is getting easier.

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CPA Exam Rants

  This is a discussion post for anyone sitting for the CPA Exam in the April/May 2009 window. A follow-up post for score predictions will run early May. You can read rants from previous testing windows here. Good luck everyone (especially those working through tax season)

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CPA Exam Strategy

Your Netflix que can wait.

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